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lemon print - use this.jpg



Produced in Toronto on 100% Cotton Canvas, the Summer Fruits Collection features my colourful, hand-painted designs.

*Please allow 3-4 weeks for delivery

Ground: 100% Cotton Canvas

Width: 58"


All my fabrics are digitally printed in Toronto using water-based, reactive dyes.  The digital printing process uses thousands of ink droplets, which means patterns come out vividly clear - just like the original painting! 


Given that the reactive dye in the inks actually reacts with the fiber, it actually becomes part of the fiber, resulting in excellent wash fastness. Also, the fixation process that my printer uses ensures that your print has a high level of permanency.  All fabrics go through a 3 step wash process before it is shipped to you so that it's ready for you to start your creative project right away! 

While it is true that colours will always leech from any fabric, it is very limited with the reactive dye process used.

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