This class was inspired by a recent workshop I taught with my friend and incredibly talented Floral Designer, Deb Jasinski. Together we have formed a new company, Ochre & Bough, so we could partner our love of florals with our love of teaching. In this workbook, we have included lessons on watercolour materials, set-up, and basic techniques that we will then apply to create 8 flowers & foliage we used for the floral design portion of the workshop.

included in this course:

  • Illustrated digital workbook with detailed descriptions of how to paint 8 flowers and foliage: Lavender, Spray Rose, Cherry Brandy Rose, Carnation, Strawflower, Queen Anne's Lace, Hypericum Berries, Pennycress

  • Video tutorials with full demonstration on how to complete each flower from start to finish

  • Video tutorials on watercolour supplies and basic techniques

Completely new to watercolour? 

Click on the images below to check out my FREE Beginner's Course & Supply Guide first!


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I've teamed up with Becca Courtice @thehappyevercrafter to bring you a special series of online workshops. Learn how to make beautiful monograms, bouquets, wreaths and floral compositions. 

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frequently asked questions


What supplies will I need for these classes? Will I have to buy different materials for each one?

My free supplies guide above lists all the materials you will need for every course I offer. Sometimes I will only be using a smaller selection of those supplies for a particular lesson, and those will be listed in the workbook for that course.  

I can't find or afford the same supplies as your guide, is that ok?

Yes! My supplies are only recommendations since they are what I like to use, but there are a ton of other great brands of paint and brushes, so please feel free to use whatever you like. The colours don't have to match mine exactly, just use my suggestions as a starting off point. BUT if there is one area where you can splurge, buying some good quality 140lb cold press paper such as Arches or Fabriano will make a world of difference in your work! I promise you'll love it once you give it a try.

Is there a class I can try for free before I buy?

Yes! Please take a look at my free beginner's course above. This will give you an idea how I lay out my workbooks and demonstrate through video tutorials.

I'm a complete beginner and I'm nervous I won't be able to do this.

Don't worry! My style of painting is very loose and abstract so we don't need to get too consumed with making all the little details perfect. It's super important to me that my instructions are clear and easy to understand. I make sure that all the techniques are broken down into simple steps so you can follow along with me. Videos are great for that reason! Just go at your own pace and feel free to pause or repeat any part you like.

*** Although all my classes are tailored for beginners, if you're completely new to painting please check out my free intro course above. These free lessons cover all the basic techniques that you'll want to know before diving into my other floral lessons.

Will you have more lessons in the future? How can I find out when you launch a new course?

Yes! I'm so excited to be adding all kinds of new floral lessons. If you'd like to be the first to know about classes and receive special discounts please feel free to sign up for my mailing list above.


Do you have any other questions? Need help, tips or advice? Or maybe you just want to show off your beautiful work? I'd love to hear from you! Please contact me and we can chat!