DAY 22-29

MAY 27, 2016


EEEK! I have so much catching up to do! It's been so crazy busy the last few weeks preparing for summer art shows, I haven't felt like I've had any creative energy left to work on this project. BUT, I took some time out this morning to paint on the deck and it felt amazing to just relax and create without an agenda. The lilacs are out and it smells gorgeous out there. 

Painting from life is so much better isn't it? I wish I could have fresh flowers in my house every single day! Even though my work is pretty abstract and I tend to want to simplify rather than capture every petal, I love being able to look closely and study all the intricate details. The curves, the shadows, the subtle shifts in hue. It's all so beautiful.

Here's a little gallery from today back to day 22. I hope you enjoy!


DAY 21

may 10, 2016


Putting the finishing touches on this new oil. 
I love the soft, dreamy palette in this one.



DAY 20

MAY 9, 2016


DAY 19

may 8, 2016


Here's a real-time video of how I begin my flowers. 
This custom bouquet is for a beautiful new bride!


DAY 18

MAY 7, 2016

Was in the mood for a summery palette today!


DAY 17

may 6, 2016

Another catch-up floral for today with this timelapse video.  Starting with the outer petals on the blooms this time rather than the centre as I did on Day 15 :)


DAY 16

MAY 6, 2016

Lots on the to-do list this week, struggling with a bit of overwhelm! I'm a little behind in my daily florals so I'm taking some time-out today to relax, recharge & PLAY!


DAY 15

MAY 4, 2016


Garden rose timelapse. Starting with the scribbles for the centre and working outwards to create the surrounding petals.


DAY 13 & 14

MAY 2, 2016


Catching up today! Working on roses this week. I love how many pretty varieties there are to choose from but it's so hard to decide what to do next!


DAY 12

APRIL 30, 2016

Working on a pretty custom monogram for today's floral!


DAY 11

APRIL 29, 2016


Pretty, purple peonies! These 3 beauties will be coming to the shop May 1st!


DAY 10

APRIL 28, 2016

Making Colour tests and editing this new floral for an exciting project I can't wait to tell you all about soon!



APRIL 27, 2016


I love the little berries in this one!



APRIL 26, 2016


Pretty purples 💜
Getting ready to add a bunch of fresh new florals to the shop May 1st!



APRIL 25, 2016

Colour wheels are more fun when they're made of flowers! 



APRIL 24, 2016


I love how my friend, Tiffany Kopper @thebigredheart describes the texture of my oils like cake frosting! So here's another delicious one for today's floral :)
Adding more yummy layers to this commission piece!



APRIL 23, 2016


More peonies for today's floral.....but this time they're in oil!
Just finished off this springtime piece and I'm loving the sweet pastels. 
"Soft Kisses" Just added to the shop HERE



APRIL 22, 2016


Step-by-step peony!



APRIL 21, 2016


Peony painting for Day 3 🌹
These are my favourite flowers so I paint them all the time! I'm so used to making them the same old way though..... going to try some different varieties and explore new angles. 
Time to play! 



aPRIL 20, 2016


More pretty pansies for today!



APRIL 19, 2016


Feeling inspired by all the petty spring pansies everywhere! 
These little guys are so fun to paint with so many varying tones and blending colours!


Ready for another 100 Days?

Last year was such a great experience for me, once I saw the 100 Day Project was happening again I figured I had to take the plunge for round 2!

I've been thinking about what to do the last few days and I realized I've had this big dream of creating an online watercolor course for almost a year now, but other things always seemed to get in the way and I just haven't gotten as far as I'd like. SO, this isn't just a repeat of last year's project.  This time, I'll be committing every day to working on the course so come July 27th it'll finally be ready! 
I'm a little nervous but mostly excited! I'm hoping to share more videos and little tips and tricks. I hope you guys will join me along the way! 
Can't wait to get started :) .
Want to join-in on the fun? Check out@elleluna and #the100dayproject on Instagram!